Straight Teeth in Less Time

Straight Teeth in Less Time

  • 6 Tips For Caring For Dentures

    If some or all of your teeth have fallen out, you may have gotten dentures. These prosthetic devices are removable and look just like natural teeth. They can take a little while to get used to, but you'll eventually adjust to them. To help your dentures last a long time, it is important to take good care of them. Here are six tips for caring for dentures. Clean Your Dentures Every Day

  • Conquering Anxiety At The Dentist

    While everyone agrees that gums and teeth are important to maintain, dental visits are terrifying for a part of the population. You may do a fantastic job of flossing and brushing regularly, but without a dentist to examine things, you could be putting your entire mouth at risk. For the best oral care, you'll need to somehow conquer your anxiety; the following tips could end up helping you. 1-Tell the Dentist

  • How To Wear Braces As An Adult

    It's never too late to get braces technically. But how do you show up to your workplace -- as a professional -- with a mouthful of metal? Your team will never let you live that up. With advancements in orthodontics, you have plenty of ways to wear modern braces discreetly, so no one has to know you've been to the orthodontist.  Outside-In Braces One of the worst things about getting braces is the shiny metal brackets that glisten every time someone snaps a photo with their phone.

  • How to Get Dental Care on a Shoestring Budget

    Few things can ruin well-made plans like a toothache. The throbbing pain that seems to shift from your nerves to your jawbone can be extremely uncomfortable, causing you to hold your mouth in agony. Although you know you're going to need professional care, you worry because you don't have insurance and your budget is nearly maxed out. Check out the following information so you'll know how to get affordable dental care services when you need them the most.

  • Are Your Teeth Really White? How to Tell for Sure

    You brush and floss. Your teeth look white in every photo. Yet are they really white? Should you be concerned if your teeth are not as white as you expect them to be? Can your dentist use teeth whitening to get them looking more white than they do right now? Illuminating answers to these questions follow. Why Teeth Appear White in Photos  White is the brightest color detected by cameras. Everything else around your teeth is "

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    I had braces when I was a kid. Back then, you had to wear those metal wires and rubber bands for what seemed like forever. When I saw that my child’s teeth were going to be crooked like mine, I was dreading the years of braces and orthodontist appointments and limited diets that I saw stretching ahead of us. I was pleased to find out that braces today are very different from braces when I was a kid. They don’t need to be worn for nearly as long, and they aren’t as intrusive, either. My daughter got braces that can barely be seen, and she can remove them when she eats, so she doesn’t have to give up her favorite foods. I was so impressed that I started a blog to talk about modern day tooth straightening techniques. Braces have come a long way.